People write boring cover letters

That's why recruiters hate them. Don't be like everyone else. Write letters that standout. 

Hooks the reader in the first paragraph

You have to be compelling from the first sentence, else you miss your golden chance to impress. This template shows you how - with real examples. 

Short & Sweet

Cover Letters are not essays. This template shows you how to hook the reader, make a compelling case & close, in four to five short paragraphs. We're not in the boredom business. 

Four real samples

The template contains four samples of real letters written for clients who ended up at Google, Amazon & Mercedes Benz, etc. 

$1000 value for lowly price 

No need to pay someone to write you a letter. This template shows you, paragraph by paragraph, what's important in a letter. Plus real samples that cost past clients $250 each.

Recruiters toss your cover letter for the same reason you scroll past a post on social media - it's long & boring. Simply put, ain't nobody got time for that.  

Shrewd Cover Letter Template

Step by Step guide to writing a letter that makes a difference